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General news

Our new building in 94078 Freyung-Neureut with a a total area 5000 m², used for production, office and stock. Opened Winter 2008/2009.


Our ISO 9001 certificate and our new GOST certificate for deliveries to Russia.


Product news

Tauscher Transformatoren has a new extended catalogue with 458 pages of data sheets and technical information on transformers and inductive components. The spectrum ranges from 0,1 Va to 300 kVA and weight from 0,7 g to 1300 kg. Most of the inductive components are also delivered on customers demand.


EI transformer potted and with rail mounting TS 35

Tauscher company provides potted small transformers from 3 VA up to 20 VA with cup track mounting TS 35, mainly for control cabinet and machine control engineering. Various connections like solder tags, binding posts, flat plugs, RAST 5, print terminals and flexible wires enable a multitude of application possibilities. By using cup track mounting an unproblematic fitting in distribution systems or terminal boxes with cup tracks is possible without further fixing mterial.

Product example
Power: 3,2 VA
Pri: 230 V
Sek 1/2: 25 V
BV 1686004


Open toroidal power transformer with current inrush avoider

The current inrush avoider is better than a current inrush limiter or a start-up current peak limiter. The start-up current peak will be avoided by an electronic, intelligent circuit. So it is possible to take a fuse with the nominal value of the primary current. By combining toroidal transformer (low weight, high efficiency, low stray field and high reliability) and that device, the application can be used optimal. Furthermore a fuse with rated value of the primary voltage is possible. This construction is applied in plant engineering, industry, high voltage test labs, research and sensitive nets. The following mounting variations are available: Open on a folded sheet, built in a metal housing IP 23, IP 54 and in a plastic housing IP 65. Details about the current inrush avoider can be looked up in our catalogue or in our technical data.



Product example:
Power: 2000 VA
Pri: 230 V
Sec 1/2: 2 x 12 V
Weight: 15,5 kg
Dimensions: 330 x 210 x 105 mm
BV 11077001

Sinusoidal filter

Sinusoidal filters are used for controlled three-phase drives with frequency inverters for print machines, wood-/plastics machines, textile machines, packing machines and machine tools. Furthermore they find disposition in automatic production machines, conveying machines, cranes, railway trains, grinding mills, mixer machines, pumping apparatus, ventilators and chemical industries, test equipment, wind power plants and solar energy plants. Actually sinusoidal filters consist of a choke and a capacitor for sine wave creation of the output current at a frequency drive. It serves as enlargement of the lifetime of the motor insulation by reducing du/dt and parasitic noise. The use of motors with long feed lines is possible, in most cases a screened cable is not necessary, better EMC data arises.


Product example:
Inductancet: 0,25 mH
Current: 250 A
Weight: 130 kg
BV 15010001

Pot choke

Pot chokes are used as smoothing chokes, storage chokes, filter chokes, RFI-chokes or as current rise limiting chokes. At the same time they can be assigned to solar technology, railway technology, technology of electrical drives and in battery chargers. Pot chokes are one- or two winding chokes with pot core made of magnetically soft, pressed powder material. Above all they are very suitable for power frequency with overlaid ripple. Another advantage is that pot chokes are of low noise level and free magnetostriction. At middle or higher switching frequencies merely low magnetisation losses appear. Furthermore it is possible to reach a higher inductance than with ferrites. The size of the choke is determined by the energy E = 0,5 L x I². Though the dimensions can be decreased, if there is an accelerated cooling available. However, if there is just low over temperature possible, the dimensions will increase.


Product example:
Inductance: 160 µH
Current: 150 A
Weight: 8,6 kg
Dimensions: 120 x 150 mm
BV 3604001

One phase power high frequency choke

Power high frequency chokes are often constructed as switched mode power supply chokes, ferrite chokes and power applications. They are suitable for power chokes e.g. in inverters for railway applications. Furthermore we offer production to customers demand. They can be used up to an ambient temperature of 40°C. Though if the temperature becomes higher than that, the energy will be reduced. To guarantee optimal safety the chokes are constructed with margins, so that they redeem air- and creep distances. Further information can be found in our catalogue.



Product example:
Inductance: 336 µH
Current: 100 A DC
Weight: 10,0 kg
Frequency: 20 kHz
Dimensions: 180 x 150 x 260 mm
BV 2983026

Single phase line reactor

Single phase line reactors with this construction are frequently used in high voltage DC circuits. However they are also applicable in DC circuits as smoothing reactors or commutation chokes. Here they are characterised by a low ripple factor, attenuation of current harmonics, bridging of line failures and by limitation of peak currents.



Product example:
Inductance: 5000 mH
Current: 2,2 A DC
Frequency: 600 Hz
Weight: 116,0 kg
Dimensions: 240 x 160 x 315 mm
BV 2388003

High voltage 50 kV and up to 5000 VA

This type of transformer offers a variety of fields of application. Thus they can be used in x-ray units, lasers, heavy duty light sources, for medical technology (shock waves used to shatter kidney stones), for manufacturing, for lightning protective systems and over voltage preventers, for the manufacturing of components like capacitors and many more. Further examples can be found in our catalogue.
Test transformers are used to generate high, distortion free voltages at low power. Because of that, high voltage testing transformers differ from power transformers in construction and dimensioning. Testing transformers are one-phase constructions and they have a high winding ratio. As a result of high voltages that have to be insulated, comparatively huge isolation spaces are needed and as a consequence high magnetic stray fields resp. high short circuit voltages Uk occur. The iron core is constructed in a way that makes the flux density roughly remain in the linear area of the characteristic magnetisation diagram. Our construction with cast resin is a cheap, sophisticated and environment- friendly replacement for oil-immersed transformers.


Product example:
Power: 5000 VA
Pri: 230 V
Sec: 50 kV
Weight: 120 kg
Dimensions: 450 x 250 x 705 mm
BV 1977003

High potential high voltage insulating transformer

High voltage isolating transformers are used to supply consumers on a high potential against earth. In power stations they often can be found as connectors to manage a link from earth to the middle- or high voltage range. Further applications are possible for test technology, electrostatics, pilot plants in research institutes, mass spectometers and accelerator systems.
High voltage isolating transformers in solid construction are potted completely under vacuum with a highly insulating polyurethane cast resin. The windings have a low capacity construction and a double screening. The connections are designed as screw bolts. The mounting can be done on bottom by internal threads M8. To have a low temperature rise and small losses the construction is chosen to meet these requirements.



Product example:
Pri: 230 V
Sec: 230 V
Weight: 55,0 kg
Isolating voltage: 100 kV DC
BV 18018001

The following special types are possible:
other voltages or different secondary voltages
other isolating voltages
max. test voltage 200 kV
higher power
three-phase construction

Power HF choke

Similar to one-phase high-frequency chokes, power high-frequency transformers are used for power application e.g. in inverters for railway technology. They are often built as HF transformers, HF transducers, ferrite transformers or switched mode power supply transformers. Of course we also offer HF chokes. On customers demand more input and output voltages are possible, too. They can be used up to an ambient temperature of 40°C. Though if the temperature becomes higher than that, the energy will be reduced. These constructions are also made with margins to redeem air- and creep distances. Furthermore a screening is possible, but this implicates decreased power.



Product example:
Power: 5000 VA
Frequency: 45 - 100 kHz
Pri: 500-250-0-250-500 V
Sec: 650-0-650 V
Weight: 2,0 kg
Dimensions: 150 x 140 x 115 mm
BV 2563013

Test equipment

Test transformers are also used to test electrical components. Mainly you can find them in test equipment for researches, development and laboratories. The three-phase transformer remains open and is built in a housing. Power switches, sockets, cut-outs and ammeters are mounted on the front of the housing. Every socket has an illuminated switch. The dimensions of the transformer and especially the housing depend on the number of connections and the aligned built-in devices.


Product example:
Power: 25 kVA
Pri: 400 V
Sec: 27 x 115 V
Weight: 14,0 kg
Dimensions: 1340 x 910 x 1300 mm
BV 28093001

Three-phase transformers up to 300 kVA

Tauscher offers new cast resin transformers for distribution transformers in the voltage range 1 kV up to 30 kV and up to 300 kVA. The transformers can be built with vector groups conform to VDE 0532. The high voltage side is vacuum potted with filled epoxy resin. The firm dielectric, based on epoxy resin, is environmental-friendly, which allows an assembly e.g. in water protection areas. The transformer doesn’t need an oil change or any special maintenance. Cast resin distribution transformers are smaller, lighter and more compact than oil immersed transformers. The range of application for small distribution or power feed centres e.g. in solar technology, wind power station technology, oil and gas pipelines and in motorway tunnels.


Product example:
Power: 40 kVA
Pri: 3 x 10 kV +/- 2,5 %
Sec: 3 x 400 V
Weight: 206,0 kg
Dimensions: 630 x 365 x 570 mm
BV 2452003

High voltage power transformer 13 kVDC - 30 kVA

These transformers are often used to coat telecommunication cables. In this example the production needs a DC voltage of 14,5 kVDC and a current of 2 A to be available. However the rest ripples have to be as small as possible and the transformer should be voltage stiff. It will be used to coat fibre optics cables.
To solve the customers demand we built the transformer with the vector group Dd0y5. A 12 pulse rectification is then able to generate a stable DC voltage. With a good linking between the primary winding and the secondary winding a small short circuit voltage Uk can be reached. To regulate the voltages the high voltage power transformer gets 5 tappings on the primary winding.



Product example:
Power: 34,5 kVA
Pri: 3 x 400 V - 472 V (+/- 5%)
Sec 1: 3 x 5540 V
Sec 2: 3 x 5540 V
Weight: 116,0 kg
Dimensions: 585 x 270 x 635 mm
BV 2388002a

Deflection coil

This inductor is used to adjust an electron beam in an UV-source. It may just be possible to justify the electron beam very precisely. To achieve this, four air inductors are affixed on a ring. This allows an adjustment  of x/y-directions. As there isn’t much space available, the dimensions needed to be customised depending on the tight geometry. Further information about the topic air inductors can be found in our catalogue.


Product example:
Weight: 0,3 kg
Dimensions: Ų46 x 20 x 20 mm
BV 3278003

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