Measurement of electromagnetic tolerance

We offer to measure magnetic and electromagnetic fields at your workplaces. Datasheet as PDF

Electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields can have immediate and indirect effects on the human body. Depending on the frequency these effects can have stimulation effects on the central nervous system at low frequencies and thermal impacts at high frequencies. Next to these immediate effects there exist several indirect effects like the occurrence of contact currents or the influence on the intended operation of active medical implants, which might lead to a failure of the device.
As service we offer to test your work areas with special test and calculation processes for magnetic and electromagnetic fields conform to the accident prevention regulation BGV B11, BGR B11 and the VDE DIN EN 50413 (VDE 0848-1) and then we divide them into exposure zones.

Danger zone is the controlled area where values of sections with high exposure are exceeded.

Sections with high exposure are the controlled areas where values of exposure zone I are exceeded.

Exposure zone I is the area that includes controlled areas and areas where it is secured by operation values or duration of stay that an exposure above the permitted values of exposure zone II happens only temporary.

Exposure zone II is the area that includes all areas of the company, as long as they don’t count to exposure zone I, the section with high exposure or the danger zone.

Measuring sites and measuring points are determined as may be necessary at the work place and the position of the machine operator.

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