Air coil with upright winding

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helical winding

BV 21078020

Customer’s demand

We need a compact, saturation proof high current choke with air cooling. The winding capacity should be low, the conductor cross-section however has to have 50 mm².


We manufacture an air choke without iron core with a wire 10 x 5 mm upright (helical winding). The windings of the coil have a distance of 2,5 mm to each other. Due to this a good air cooling without ventilation is possible. The flat wire in upright winding is mechanically very stable, thus we don’t need any further construction around the winding. Furthermore the contacts serve as an additional mechanical fixation.

Technical data

Average diameter: 43 mm
Length: 118 mm
Wire: 10 x 5 mm upright
Conductor material: Copper wire, class H, UL
Weight: 1,2 kg

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