Three-phase choke for wind power plant

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Threephase choke for wind power plants

BV 3441001

Customer’s demand

The customer needs a current smoothing of energy that is generated in a wind power station. Due to the relatively low speed of the rotors we need a construction fit for a basic frequency of 17,5 Hz. A harmonic of 25 Aeff at 2 kHz has also to be considered because of the inverter control. Reasons of space at the place of destination limit the size of the choke to max. 270 x 160 x 215 mm and a max. weight of 20 kg. In view of an energy efficient overall system the total losses should be below 130 W.


Due to the limited space we developed a choke with thermal class F=155°C (small size, higher heating). The current of 550 Aeff at 17,5 Hz in combination with the inductance of 12 µH requires a low number of turns per unit length with big winding profiles. We accomplished this with a tape winding and proper sized Cu connectors. The harmonic, which is small compared to the basic frequency, allows a choke construction with default transformer metal sheets. The limited total losses could be redeemed and a cheap sales price as well.

Technical data

Inductance: L = 12 µH
Current 1: I1 = 550 A @ 17,5 Hz
Current 2: I2 = 25 A @ 2 kHz

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