Three-phase power choke for inverter

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Trhee-phase power choke

BV 2983054-055

Customer’s demand

For the operation with variable rotation speed of electric motors in hybrid drives of vehicles inverters are necessary. By using direct current, inverters generate the output voltage, which is needed for the control of the electric motor. To test inverters, we developed a special test system. The harmonics of the inverter in this system should be throttled with very low losses.


We construct a three-phase choke with a large ferrite core. The core losses are minimised by doing this. To also reduce the copper losses we use special mid-frequency braid wires.

Technical data

Core: ferrite N87
Winding: HF-litz
Inductance: L = 3 x 0,2 mH
Current: I1 = 250 A @ 2500 Hz, I2 = 25 A @ 10 kHz
Weight: ca. 95 kg
Dimensions: 500 x 250 x 510 mm

Three-phase power choke

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