Three-phase high voltage choke

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Three-phase high voltage choke

BV 29031003

Customer’s demand

For our high voltage test field we are looking for a choke with very high inductance. At a voltage of 6600 V the choke should have an inductance of 6366 H (6.366.000 mH). The max. current should be at 2,3 mA, which results in an impedance of 2 mW at 50 Hz.


The high inductance can be achieved by using high permeable transformer metal sheets and a high number of windings. To get the dielectric strength, the winding is potted under vacuum.

Technical data

Inductance: L = 6366 H
Current: I = 2,3 mA
Voltage: U = 6600 V
Weight: G = 3 kg
Dimensions: 190 x 156 x 95 mm

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