Direct link inductor for 500 kW inverter

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Direct link inductor

BV 11017002b

Customer’s demand

We are looking for a direct link inductor, as small as possible, for a 500 kW inverter. The dimensions of the three phase choke should not be bigger than L 600 mm x B 300 mm x H 630 mm. There is going to be ventilation but in case the air cooling fails the choke should be able not to overheat for three hours while being under max. stress. Thus the losses need to be very low. The price of the series has to be low as well.


The core, made of thin FeSi tapes, has several air gaps on each bracket to reduce the magnetic scattering. The winding is done with stranded wires. Skin- and proximity losses are reduced by the bigger surface, which is achieved through the increased amount of single wires. A coating with very good thermoconductive lacquer avoids a heat accumulation in the gaps of the high amount of single wires. The choke doesn’t need any expensive special materials and can be manufactured with marketable materials.

Technical data

Inductance: L = 3 x 0,17 mH
Frequency: f = 50 Hz
Current: I1 = 600 Aeff, I2 = 220 As @ 3 kHz
Weightt: G = 200 kg

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