C-core filter choke

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Three-phase c-core filter choke medium frequency application, 3 x 6,5 mH, 20 A, 50 Hz up to 10 000 Hz


C-core choke

Fields of application

For test equipment in photovoltaic systems, technology of electrical drives and USV-technology

Technical data

C-core choke conform to EN 61558-20, EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-1 and -2
Frequency: 10 kHz
Harmonics: up to 50 kHz
Inductance: L = 6,5 mH with 5 tappings
Current: I = 20 A
Core: S3U 210/133
Core material: tape 0,3 mm thick
Winding material: fine wiry HF-litz
Test voltage: winding - core 4 kV
Good EMC ratio
High thermal stability
Temperature class B
max. ambient temperature 40 °C
Fire class UL94 V0
Prepared for protection index I
Block terminals shock proof conform to VBG4 or
Flat connectors for bolts, not shock proof

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