Roller coaster drive made in the Bavarian Forest

Tauscher Transformatorenfabrik GmbH is focusing on the homeland - Exciting special orders all over the world.

Tauscher linear stators

Picture: Eva Müller, PNP

This is how roller coasters all over the world come to life: Company manager Heinz-Herbert Berger (to the right) and electrical engineering master Uwe Ilg are presenting their linear propulsions.
Neureut. Glasses and cap, watch and shoes are taken off. Cardiovascular disease, acrophobia or bad nerves? No? Then we can get going. The bails close, legs are dangling. And with the next thought you are yanked upwards in a 45° angle, so frantic and so suddenly, the adrenaline in your blood should last for a few years. Heinz-Herbert Berger experienced this. “Battlestar Galactica” is the name of the coaster in the Universal Studios in Sentosa Island in Singapore. “One is accelerated so much in there, that you think you are going to the moon - I would drive with it again at any time!” said Heinz-Herbert Berger.

Battlestar Galactica

This coaster with the promising name “Battlestar Galactica” includes Tauscher technology and was tested by Berger himself already.

Thanks to Bergers company Tauscher Transformatoren in Neureut people now can experience an adventure in the gigantic roller coaster. The linear propulsions which boost and rev the coaster are built in Neureut. By now you can find the linear propulsions made in the Bavarian Forest in many famous roller coasters: Disneyland California, “Tower of Terror” in Australia or in “Ferrari Duelling Coaster” in Abu Dhabi, where you have two coasters “racing”.
But Tauscher technology is not only found in the amusement sector: Tauscher also has solutions to save human life. Example airbus A380 - if there is an electricity failure during the flight the backup power supply made by Tauscher is used. Or in the medical technology: Transformers for surgery robots like kidney stone destroyers are also produced at Tauscher. Even at the Amazon you can find the technology from the Bavarian Forest: The company works on an energy transmission solution for research bases - these need to be able to cope with the local conditions like heat, humidity and insects.
Heinz-Herbert Berger is not surprised that barely people here know Tauscher: “We aren’t advertising in Lower Bavaria. Our customers are located further away.” Not to mention they are spread all over the globe. It is amazing that a small company can stay in the centre of the Bavarian Forest since 1975 like this - only 95 employees work in Neureut, Aigenstadl and in Blatna (CZ). Special orders, low quantities and never saying “no” - these must be the reasons that it still works. “We dared to do what others didn’t” says Berger with some pride. Others, that are companies which move at least to centres, usually to the far east. No alternative for Berger: “Our homeland is very important and as you can see we can easily stay here.”

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