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Left: Jürgen Strunz, in charge of mechanics, network administration and quality insurance of Tauscher,is posing for the cover of profi.news


Tauscher places high value on efficiency - when it comes to the own products and the property.profinewsbild2

Technical understanding and engagement help the company to gain a lot when it comes to energy efficiency. An energy advising from professionals still finds further potential for an optimised energy input. Even Heinz-Herbert Berger, manager of Tauscher Transformatorenfabrik GmbH, learned this. When the company, that produces 0,1 VA up to 250 VA strong transformers, moved into a new building, Berger invested in an energy efficient equipment by taking care of proper insulation and heating technology. Like this he reached the EnEV-standard 2007. The walls of the approximately 30 years old building were isolated with 15 cm thick rockwool. The same material that insulates the roof from the inside. Two cogeneration units with each 18 kW power supply electricity and heat, in winter a small oil-fired heating boiler deals with peak loads.
Even about the lightning Berger pondered a lot: The building is 4000 mm² big and there is not always people everywhere. With a new circuit the light can now be controlled for separate parts. If there is enough daylight, light sensors help or dim or shut down the illumination. When Tauscher had a free energy check, which the company won at a lottery of profi.news, energy adviser Alexander Debera and Josef Zenger from E.On Bayern Vertrieb still found further possibilities to save energy. Like in the dry heaters, which run during night, to dry transformers: If those aren’t turned on by workers, but after 6 P.M. by a timer, they still reach the needed working temperature in time but then they heat up with the electricity of the low tarif zone. Like this each heater saves 600 Euros every year. Furthermore the undertable fluoroscopy systems, which supply warm service water on their own would be turned off at the end of the work day by timers.
Another 200 Euros each year can be saved, if the computers and screens are taken off the net every evening by a socket that can be disconnected, because when they are in standby, a computer with screen still needs around 20 W. Alexander Debera and Josef Zenger also suggest LED illumination, which could be installed with the next maintenance. They don’t need a starter or preswitched devices and save around five percent compared to normal energy saving bulbs. Also a cost reduction: LED illumination lasts around 50.000 hours. Advisable is also the insulation of pipes and fittings of the heating distributor. According to the EnEV 2009, this will be compulsory in unheated rooms latest in January 2012.

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