Tauscher builds linear propulsion for amusement park


Heinz-Herbert Berger shows how the linear stators are built into the rails in his company in Neureut. - Pic: Peter


Norbert Peter
Two good news from Tauscher in Aigenstadl-Neureut. First, the newly planned building in Neureut is almost ready for occupation. Second, the company has a new major contract.
For 16 years the company is building stators for so called linear propulsions, which are used in roller coasters. After the well known coasters “Superman” in California, “Tower of Terror” in Australia, “Disney’s Californian Adventure” and “Six Flag Magic Mountain”, Tauscher now builds a newly patented linear propulsion for a big theme park. “For the first time we don’t only build the linear stators, but also mount the propulsion rail elements.” For one propulsion unit, 30 m long rails are mounted in the new building in Neureut. Details are absolutely secret, but it is sure that the propulsions will be shipped.

One delivery is already on its way

Probably they will go to Abu Dhabi, because online you can find that Abu Dhabi is building the gigantic, 2000 m long coaster “Ferrari Duelling Coaster” with two competing rails for the new Ferrari Experience. Here the LSM motors will make sure, that the race is going to be an experience at first hand. The opening of the desert race in the United Arab Emirates is planned for the Formula 1 - Grand Prix on Yas Island in 2009. So it could be that the Ferraris on the coaster in far Abu Dhabi are accelerated by linear stators, produced in Neureut in the Bavarian Forest. Linear motors enable a high level of precision and dynamic when it comes to movement. “A delivery is already on its way to a haven, the next one is going to follow. “Supplies are already rolling in. New rails aren’t produced by Tauscher but they are supplied. The linear stators for the propulsion are mounted in Neureut. A patented method which deals with the propulsion on the whole coaster and can accelerate and break. The headstone is already set with the delivery of stators for “Neue Bahntechnik Paderborn”. This new railway technology combines two technologies: Normal leading and carrying on the already existing rail grid and progressive propulsions from the wear-free linear motos. Additionally with an intelligent bogie the comfort should be increased. But Paderborn only remained a test, the project never became reality - even though the time would have come to look for new solutions. Similar to the propulsion module for railways the new linear propulsion is based on a synchronous linear motor. The actual propulsion is not on the vehicle anymore. The three-phase windings between the rails build up a magnetic field, which moves forward along the rails. This topic as well as the new building were a matter of interest for district council Ludwig Lankl, mayor Olaf Heinrich and Helga Weinberger. Here Berger explained that the sales 2007 are 14% higher than 2006. The order situation 30. June 2008 is 69% higher than the previous year, currently 1,3 Mio €.
“The new building in Neureut is since 2004 a big part of the storage. Spring this year we want to finish the office and the further move with a part of the production.” The investment sum in Neureut, machines and so on is at 670 000 € in 2007 and further 300 000 € until June 2008. The total investment is 2,6 Mio € high.

47 employees in both buildings

Seven apprentices and eight job starters were hired this year. In total there are 47 people working in Aigenstadl and Neureut. “We want to manufacture electromagnetic components of the future, on one hand normal mass and series production, which we produce cheap and environmental friendly, but on the other hand sophisticated components, which redeem high and unusual customer demands.”

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