District administrator and mayor visit Tauscher

Betriebsbesichtigung bei Tauscher

Tauscher manager Heinz Herbert Berger (2. from right) explains the production of transformers to Peter Kaspar (from left), Alexander Muthmann and Ralph Heinrich.

Norbert Peter
The export to USA is going well for Tauscher in Aigenstadl. Manager Heinz Berger explains during the visit in the company that they produce inductive components in a wide range from 0,7 g up to 1300 kg. Toroidal transformers and toroidal chokes bring 40% of the sales. One-phase bobbin transformers bring around 30%, and each 10% are brought by three-phase transformers, HF transducers and customer solutions.
“New developments are running, need a lot of time and effort, but without technically sophisticated products the company won’t have a future.” Heinz Berger wants to produce the electromagnetic components for this future - to lead in the international competition. Tauscher delivers to customers world wide, for example electronic controls to Thailand, to Venezuela, middle voltage transformers to Russia.
“We fill market gaps, where other manufacturers can’t serve.” The company brought a high potential isolating transformer on the market, these are used in research laboratories and power plants. 44 employees work in the company in Aigenstadl-Neureut, 50 more in CZ. Currently the company has 5 apprentices in Aigenstadl. Heinz Berger answers the questions of the District Administrator:
“From my long practical experience I know that trained personnel can turn into the sustaining posts in a company.” Cornelia Braumandl froom Moosham learns a new calculation method, Bianca Beier from Tittling is educated to a technical draftswoman for the 3D-area, Carola Funke from Perlesreut is trained to office clerk, Carina Rothkopf from Neuschönau steps into a male domain by being educated to a mechanic, Oliver Daschinger from Hauzenberg is trained to electronics technician for devices and systems.
Thanks to the economic uprise the customers from all sections start ordering more again. “There is still a big change in the industry, because work places for series productions are moved to the east into cheap salary countries. We loose more and more series productions because of this and thus we remain with tough products and small amounts.”
But still Muthmann and Kaspar got to hear that the sales of Tauscher increased for 20% in 2006 and in the first quarter of 2007 it increased again for about 15%. Also the order situation improved a lot, at the moment worth 800 000 €. The new building in Neureut has a big part of the storage since 2004, in autumn 2007 he plans to finish the office in Neureut, in spring the production section.

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