Transformer factory will move in 2008

The majority of the company in Aigenstadl will be in Neureut in autumn 2008 - planned investment of 2,6 Mio €

Eva Schwarz
Transformers made by Tauscher in Aigenstadl are in demand all over the world. To be able to grow more the company wants to invest 2,6 million € within the time from 2005 to 2010. The biggest project is the move to Neureut in autumn 2008.
“We need more space to optimise the internal flow of goods and for new machines. Without space we can’t produce more goods.” The current building in Aigenstadl is so stuffed that it even is tough to find a spot for a student worker. Already at the end of the 90s an expansion was planned, in Aigenstadl. But neighbours were against this, furthermore, the hillside was not ideal. Because of this Heinz Berger looked for a new location. “We want to stay close, also for the employees!”

Former furniture store bought

Berger made a find in Neureut, 1 km away from the current location. He bought an old furniture store that is getting renovated there. Next year the rebuild should be done, so they can move in autumn 2008. 3000 m² production area, further 500 m² office area and 1500 m² area storage. The building in Aigenstadl should be kept. “At the moment the order situation is very good, like this we will probably need the location Aigenstadl additionally.”

43 Employees

Tauscher currently employs 43 workers. Furthermore they produce in Blatna (CZ) with another 50 employees. “We work with this mixed calculation. If we would just produce in Germany we wouldn’t stand a chance on the international market.” Especially in the electric section China would produce way cheaper. Because of this the company specialised on low numbers of special types instead of series production.
The products range from 0,6 g light transformers for small engines in dental applications up to 1000 kg heavy transformers. These are used on transformer stations on ships for example. Just a short while ago, Tauscher sold such a device to Chile. Over 12 000 different transformer types were developed by the company since the foundation in 1975. “The main sales is done by our variety.” There is not even one customer that spots more than 3% of the sales.
After a few tough years the order situation became way better again. The company made 3,5 million € sales in 2006, this were 20% more than in the previous year. For 2007 Berger expects 4,2 million €. With the expansion he hopes for a further uprise of the company. “Once the building in Neureut is done we will slowly stock up new machines and get more work places.”


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