Transformers in one potting

Tauscher develops environmental friendly replacement for oil immersed transformers

Potting system

Tauscher manager Heinz-Herbert Berger checks the insulated transformer in the potting system. These are planned to be done only with the potting in the future (no housing). (Pic: Peter)


Norbert Peter
Max Planck and Fraunhofer institutions count to their customers, Siemens power plant technology and several universities are convinced by their developments: Tauscher in Aigenstadl (district Freyung-Grafenau) built up a reputation with their developments. Manager Heinz-Herbert Berger mentioned this at the sales meeting.
“We fill market gaps where others can’t serve anymore”, explained Berger. The company brought high potential isolating transformers on the market which reach a very high insulation voltage on a very low area. This was possible by a special potting method. These transformers are used in research laboratories and power plants, further versions were developed already.
“New developments are running, need time and effort, but without technically sophisticated products the company has no future.” For this future, Berger wants to produce the needed electromagnetic components, to be able to lead in the international competition.
Currently a series of environmental friendly cast resin transformers that replace oil immersed transformers are planned, cheaper and smaller. The development of this new transformer type is supported by the Bavarian economics ministry. Furthermore a new surface protection is developed, specially for transformers that are operated in the outside area. This protection should be made of electric lacquer, similar to the hydrophobic lotus varnishing.
Customers of Tauscher are all over the world, their developments are used in medicine, audio and switch boards for lightning industries. Electronic controls to Thailand, to Venezuela or a middle voltage transformer to Russia - all is done by Tauscher.

Higher sales for 2007 expected

The company produces inductive components of a broad range from 0,7 g up to 1300 kg with around 44 employees in Aigenstadl-Neureut, and 60 in CZ. The economic rise boosted the company. 2006 Tauscher had a sales of 3,5 million €, for 2007 Berger expects a rise up to 4,2 million €.

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