Tauscher did it: 5 apprentices in 5 jobs

Transformatorenfabrik in Aigenstadl offers profound future - qualified personnel raised on our own

von Norbert Peter
Heinz Berger, manager of Tauscher in Aigenstadl-Neureut is not the type of businessman that educates young people only to redeem the standards. “It’s our goal to raise our future qualified personnel on our own”, he explained. This year he employed as many apprentices as never before.

44 employees work in the company in Aigenstadl-Neureut, 50 more in CZ. This makes 5 apprentices a high number. But Heinz Berger knows, that trained personnel can turn into the sustaining parts of a company.

With the background that technical and commercial requirements rise steadily, Heinz Berger sorted well through the high amount of applications.

Cornelia Braumandl from Moosham near Grafenau has the Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education and works on the new calculation method in Tauscher now. Bianca Beier from Tittling has the general qualification for university entrance (Abitur) and is educated to technical draftswoman for the 3D-area. Carola Funke from Perlesreut has the high-school diploma and is educated to office clerk. Carina Rothkopf from Neuschönau also has the high-school diploma and steps into a male domain by working as a mechanic for operating technology. “Women are more suitable for precise work.” Oliver Daschinger, the “Powerman”, from Thyrnau has the Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education as well and is trained to an electronic technician for devices and systems.

All five agree that they ended up in an outstanding company and that they want to use the chances that are given to them, knowing that they could stay in the company if they just worked hard enough.

Currently the company also has six students that work there in their vacations, one of them a student apprentice. They focus on earning money for the studies.

Cornelia Braumandl, Bianca Beier, Carola Funke, Carina Rothkopf and Oliver Daschinger are now working in a company, which has products that become more and more sophisticated. Tauscher delivers to customers world wide, for example electronic controls to Thailand, Venezuela, middle voltage transformers to Russia.

“New developments are running, need a lot of time and effort, but without technically sophisticated products, the company won’t have a future.” And for this future Heinz Berger wants to produce the electromagnetic components to lead in the international competition. On one hand this means normal mass production, that is done cheap and environmental friendly, and on the other hand complicated components for high and unusual customer requirements.

“We fill market gaps that can’t be served by others” The company brought a high potential isolating transformer on the market which needs a high insulation voltage on a very small area. Versions for several applications were developed.

It is currently in the planning to use a series of environmental friendly cast resins, which replace transformer oil. They are smaller and cheaper. Under development is also a surface protection for transformers that are located in the outside area. This surface protection should be made of lacquer similar to the lotus effect.


Tauscher Transformatorenfabrik manager Heinz Berger (from left) with his new apprentices: Oliver Daschinger, Carina Rothkopf, Cornelia Braumandl, Carola Funke and Bianca Beier (Foto: Peter)

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