Information visit at two flagship objects

Tauscher and Europeyarn-TWD succeed in competition, manager Berger wants to move to Neureut in 2007

Freyung. Economy department chief Günther Keilwerth, working in the government of Lower Bavaria, always wants the best for the companies in his area of support and if possible support them with government funds. Together with district administrator Alexander Muthmann, Manfred Selwitschka from the promotion of the economy and the mayor Peter Kaspar, Günther Keilwerth is discussing the situation of the companies.
A lot of praising was done about the expansion of Tauscher in Aigenstadl with manager Heinz Berger. The generally tough economy area in the years 2003 and 2004 also had a drawback for Tauscher, Berger explained while walking through the company building.
“Most of our customers are from the investment goods area and because of this it didn’t strike us that hard, unlike some contestants. We were able to keep the number of 35 employees.”
2004 the sales got better. Around 450 customers gave approximately 4000 orders. 700 new transformer types were developed last year. And also the the purchase of the new building in Neureut with a total area of 16 500 m² was done last year. The building will be renovated to 3000 m² production area, 500 m² office and 500 m² additional area. This will give a lot of new manufacturing possibilities. Furthermore it enables a new laboratory for long term tests to prove quality.
To survive on the international market with a mix calculation, Heinz Berger has a subsidiary in CZ. Big amounts, works that take a lot of time and manually done works are done there, while the last steps like potting, varnishing, testing, sample and prototype building, development, construction and outline, purchase, sale and logistics are done in Aigenstadl-Neureut.
Günther Keilwerth saw the new possibilities for support by state funds and financial help, which has to be worked out in detail first.

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