Cast resin as construction component

Tauscher works heavily on new developments.
Freyungs company wants to use cast resin as construction component - requirements to environmental compatibility become more sophisticated. Norbert Peter

With expertise and quality, Tauscher in Freyung-Aigenstadl (district Freyung-Grafenau) succeeds on the international market. Currently the company works on several development projects. One of them takes part in the research of “influence of inner mechanic tensions in cast resins” of the university Hannover.
Transformers are irreplaceable for the electric energy supply. Without transformers the whole industry stops, lights remain dark and the human is sent back to the middle age. The whole industry and the humans depend on power supplies with the help of transformers. Transformers are already known since around 100 years and they are used internationally for the power supply. The basic construction of a transformer is an iron core, winding and isolation - this didn’t change since then. No other electrical component is determined by so many requirements and parameters like the transformer. This demands a high development effort for the construction and the insulation materials. Not only the requirement to low losses, low weight and low dimensions but high reliability grow steadily, also requirements to environmental compatible insulation materials became more sophisticated.
Furthermore the requirements to resistance against environmental influences like humidity and dirt grew, because humidity means an early ageing and weakening of the insulation, which can lead to a failure of the device. Especially transformers that are operated in the outside area have to cope with these requirements. They are just to redeem with improved insulation materials.
To offer new, improved products, Tauscher works on several development projects. One of them is taking part in the research about “influences of inner mechanic tension in cast resins” of the university Hannover with professor Gockenbach. “Here it is researched how environmental friendly cast resins for large transformers can take over insulation tasks while also being used as a construction material”, explained Berger. This means that the housing and the insulation of these transformers is done with one potting. The company produces high voltage transformers up to 250 kW and 1000 kg weight that run completely without oil. These transformers don’t need any maintenance, can be set up in environmental sensitive areas like aqueous environments, while they have a compact and weight saving construction. These constructions shall be improved by the research.
Around 250 000 transformers of different sizes are manufactured every year in Freyung-Aigenstadl. 40 employees work in Freyung, 50 more in CZ. The smallest transformer weighs 0,7 g, the largest 1 t. no transformer leaves the company without being tested with the fully automatic test system. All measurement values are saved with date and time to prove the high quality standard to the customers.

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