unserRadio interview with Heinz Berger

During our broadcasting series “EU east expansion topic CZ” unserRadio introduces Passaus companies that are located in the Bavarian Forest and have business connections to Czech Republic

We want to show our listeners what Tauscher produces and what kind of experience they gained by working together with Czech Republic.

  • What does Tauscher produce?
  • What kind of business connection do you have to Czech Republic?
  • What were the reasons for you to build up business contacts to CZ?
  • What experience have you gained by working together with a partner in the east?
  • What has changed since the Czech Republic is part of the EU?
  • Where do you see pent-up demand to strengthen the cooperation?
  • Do you see CZ as competition or do you see potential in their market?


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Interview as MP3-File

What is produced at Tauscher and what effects does the EU expansion have on the company? An interview with Heinz-Herbert Berger from 27.08.2004 with host Christian Riedl.

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