Tauschers transformers - made in a furniture store

Manager Berger plans to move to Neureut in 2007


Finally enough space for Tauscher. The new building will have 3000 m² production area. In three years the move from Aigenstadl to Neureut should be completed

       Heinz Berger at the high voltage test equipment


Norbert Peter
Heinz Berger, manager of Tauscher Transformatoren in Aigenstadl, doesn’t like to do things by halve. If business or his hobby, flying, he always acts strategically, even like a perfectionist. Thus, Heinz Berger will do his license to be a professional pilot in September this year, and determined the course for the next years by buying the former furniture store in Neureut. The Christmas staff party this year was done in the hotel “Wolfsteiner Ohe” in Ringelai - here he lives with his family - the celebration was along the lines of “doing something new, the world changes, and so do we. Change with chances!” As milestone he sees the finally successful purchase of the former furniture store in Neureut. “Finally we have enough space in our own commercial area “Neureut Nord”, with an area of 16 500 m².” 3000 m² production area, 500 ² office and 500 m² additional area. Compared to the current location Aigenstadl this will be a completely new manufacturing. The new building will get a force-warmth coupling with 200 kW, coupled heating system and current generation and test possibilities for large transformers and chokes. Four truck loading ramps, an own laboratory, meeting room for customers, education room, and a production, equipped with glass walls are the attributes of the new building. Heinz Berger explained the renovation and move from Aigenstadl to Neureut will be done within the next three years and at the same time the building in CZ will expand as well. “The building in Aigenstadl will stay with a small production section for small transformers for a while. Even a sale store is not excluded completely. 1,3 million € are planned to be invested in the upcoming three years. 2004 t he company got 2697 orders from 439 customers so far, some of them steady customers, that buy for 20 years already. 654 completely new transformer types were developed this year. New products are for example sinusoidal filters, high potential isolating transformers, large transformers and high voltage transformers. To manage this, new test machines up to 200 000 V were bought, further coil machines run, “because only with the best equipment we can work professionally”. In the section research and development Tauscher works together with the university Deggendorf, student and diploma topics are offered. A cooperation with the university Erlangen and Stuttgart are currently planned as well.

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