FDP visits Tauscher Transformatoren

Despite economy crisis Aigenstadl needs no short-time work - FDP visits Tauscher - company expansions fail due to neighbour protests

FDP visits Tauscher

Norbert Peter
Despite a general economy crisis, Tauscher still does not need short-time work. About this the district FDP is very happy while visiting the company building.
Manager Heinz Berger informed that the current order position is going to be enough for ten weeks, the best value two years ago was at 26 weeks. All employees - 40 in Aigenstadl, 60 in Blatna - are fully motivated. For short-termed orders we work longer to be able to redeem delivery dates. If there is not enough work, we will use the overtime hours. To the products Berger mentioned that inductive components like transformers and chokes become more and more complicated, the small types get smaller and the big types reach enormous sizes. The smalles types weigh only a few gramme, while the big ones with 120 kW power are around 400 kg heavy.
The customers are from different sections of the industry. An advantage: “This lowers the risk of customer insolvency in comparison to being dependant on one big customer. The export is at around 30%, tendency rising.”
Tauscher got a big order last autumn, not in quantity, but in challenge. Berger delivered new  linear motors for a test series of the university Paderborn and the “Neuen Bahntechnik Paderborn”.
Of course district chief Horst Dänzer and the board directors Winfried Stadler and Gerhard Drexler were very interested in how the company expansion is going. Heinz Berger explained that the planned attachment in Aigenstadl failed due to neighbour protests and the purchase of the hall in Neureut has also failed due to the same reason. Here a neighbour protested at the second instance against the already given building approval.
Winfried Stadler and Gerhard Drexler didn’t understand, “that a city council of the SPD is the one that protests against the expansion.” Heinz Berger said that the earlier mayor Fritz Wimmer and the current mayor Peter Kaspar always supported the plans. Due to the current crisis, Berger has no pressure in expanding the company at the moment though. The current space is enough for now.

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