Project for portable power supplies in US trucks

Products of Tauscher become more and more heterogeneous

Aigenstadl. New orders about linear motors are not in sight for Tauscher, because the customers barely invest. But there is a big project for mobile power supplies with 5 kW power, which would be built in American trucks, in the sample phase. The orders and products of Tauscher become more and more heterogeneous: “Big quantities become less, small orders increase. This means that the number of customers and the number of orders grows, the volume and the delivered quantity per order decreases though.”
Transformers become smaller but on the other hand also bigger and more sophisticated concerning construction and technology. The upper size, according to Berger, has now 225 kW or 750 kg, transformers of the lower size only have few grammes on the scale. To redeem the requirements Tauscher invested into a new test system with which insulation up to 200 000 V can be tested. Transformers that have to deal with such isolation voltages are used in research labs, for plasma generation or for test systems. New customers are universities which order special types.
“Many customers from sections like photovoltaics, welding devices or traffic technology could be held despite the bad economy, but only due to the price reductions, shorter delivery times and even more flexibility.” The 100 employees in Germany and CZ tag along.
By a buy out of customers and take over of orders, materials and machines of a bankrupt competitor, we could hold the orders for five weeks. As a comparison: Three years ago we had orders 20 weeks ahead. Berger also employed new representatives for the areas Bavaria, Hessen and Austria - for further and better customer connections.

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