Freyungs CSU visits Tauscher

Company delivers 1000 transformers all over the world - daily! Company wants to move to Neureut - volume record last year

Freyung. Freyungs CSU visited Tauscher in Aigenstadl. The manager Heinz Berger lead the guests through the company.
CSU district leader Johann Blöchinger joined as well. Tauscher, under the lead of Heinz Berger and his wife, produces 1000 transformers for medicine-, control-, automation- and audio technology as well as for photovoltaics and other areas with future. The products of these technologies are mainly used in Germany, EU, but also in USA and Australia. The company currently has 35 and 75 employees. In the near future it is planned to hire more people due to the well going order situation.
The high requirements of the customers and the transformers produced to customer specification demand new developments and investments. Because of this the company invested 1,4 million DM in new machines and software. With modern software for the quality testing, Tauscher guarantees maximal performance and security of their products. Last year the company gained the so far highest volume.
To be able to fulfil the wishes of customers further and to store new machines, manager Berger wants to buy a new building in Neureut. First planned is a storage, later it should be used as production. The current building should remain used but has no space anymore. The fears of the neighbours of noise and other emissions is countered by Berger with the statement that there’s only a few trucks every day and no production noise at all.
The visitors of the CSU could convince themselves about this during their visit. Heinz Berger wants to stay in Freyung, the employees are very motivated, professional and identify themselves with the company. Especially during the Christmas time they worked hard to get every order done until the last day.

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