Jobs vs. neighbour rights - where should Tauscher go?

City council has a dilemma: Jobs vs neighbour rights: Where should Tauscher go? The company building can’t be expanded.

Mayor Fritz Wimmer speaks of a dilemma: Of course he wants to keep Tauscher with all the workplaces in Freyung - and make the needed company expansion possible. But on the other hand he also understands the protest of the neighbours when it comes to the planned Tauscher storage in Neureut. 1978, company founder Mr. Tauscher bought the old school building in Aigenstadl, to build up his transformer production here. The company grew slowly but evenly, succeeded with quality transformers and highly specialised inductive components on the tough market. Today Tauscher Aigenstadl has 30 employees, 70 in CZ. The step to CZ with the low salary level was necessary to keep the growth but so is the final mounting, testing and quality check in Germany necessary. “We want to stay in Germany but therefore we have to grow along with CZ.” And this is the problem. Tauscher can’t grow further in Aigenstadl. The old school building is about to burst, the storage that is needed to transfer between Germany and CZ is overfilled. Heinz Berger first planned an attachment in Aigenstadl. The building request was granted already. But: Four neighbours protested against the company building in Aigenstadl - one of them, who was granted to build next to Tauscher just a while ago. The government of Niederbayern agreed to the protests and the building allowance was cancelled. Heinz Berger is looking for a place for the company and the position is a question of calculation. An old night club in Speltenbach was an option, didn’t win due to the high prices though. Even the economy grounds in Speltenbach were a failure. Further options were in Ringelai and Hinterschmieding. The favourite would be the old furniture store in Neureut. The building and the area around would be big enough to even allow a further company growth in the future. This was ideal for Heinz Berger, he decided to buy the hall. “I negotiated long enough and looked for alternatives that allowed further development.” The problem in Neureut: For Tauscher to be able to rebuild the furniture store the district has to make this area a commercial area. This costs a lot of money and seems to fail beforehand by neighbour protests. Berger knows from the experience in Aigenstadl what neighbours can do. Because of this he stepped up to the people of Neureut, informed them, offered them noise reductions(“Our only noise is made by trucks”), he assured them that he wants to avoid conflicts. This is honoured by the neighbours as Kurt Zanner, the leader of the “Interest community Neureut” said. But: The fear of bad living quality due to noise and who knows what will come later is bigger. Zanner and a row of neighbours state that they will protest against the commercial area. A dilemma. Mayor Fritz Wimmer leads a long discussion in the city council to find a compromise. Clear: A company like Tauscher should be kept in Freyung. But everyone knows about the neighbour rights - the result of everything is open. What to do? The city councils Rigobert Prasch and Peter Kaspar suggested to use the money for the building for a cheap offer in Steinacker. Hans Mindl suggested new price negotiations with the night club in Speltenbach. Negotiations that have no hope for Heinz Berger. Bergers decision for Neureut is fact, but without a commercial area it is not possible. “If Freyung does not act, the company will leave.” That’s the fear of mayor Wimmer. “Neureut is bound to run into difficulties.” Because of this, the commercial area was delayed for three weeks. The time until then is used to talk to all institutions. “We don’t want to fire a war in Neureut, but we want to save work places and take the neighbour wishes serious.” Berger gave the neighbours one thing to consider: If he doesn’t buy the furniture store, another company will come and the conflict starts new. Or they get a new furniture store which would lead to way more noise due to more traffic.

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