Exhibition pre news about the Electronica 2000

Article in the paper “Die Messe” about the Electronica 2000.
Transformers, chokes, transducers and inductive components, technically optimised and operation during stress simulated on the computer.
Tauscher GmbH was founded 1975 and produces inductive components with around 100 employees. The transformers can be built in a power range from 0,1 VA up to 50 kVA. The company is located in Germany, south east Bavaria and has a subsidiary in CZ. The Czech production makes competitive prices possible while the quality is secured by the ISO 9001 certified production in Germany. The manufacturing with 5000 m² area is equipped with modern machines like potting robots and 3 fully automatic test systems that document every value. Tauscher now offers technical optimisation and simulation to their customers, conform to EN 61558-2-17 up to 250 MHz. Before the sample production we simulate the function on the computer. With the calculated values like operating temperature, electric data while stress and mechanic data we can figure the characteristics of the inductive components out and adapt them to the usage. Like this we are able to offer alternatives already during the inquiry phase. The needed overload test conform to EN 61558-1 §13, §14 and §15 is already integrated and considered in every calculation. Our catalogue “HF-components” shows the following type sizes in tables. ETD open and potted, PM, EFD, RM, EF and SMD-transducers. But we can produce and calculate all standard HF-components. We use copper foil with a thickness of 50 µm upwards for the windings or satin HF-litz or normal copper wire class F. Cores are made of material N27, N67 or comparable quality. Automatic vacuum potting and varnishing makes the high galvanic separation possible in series. The software also includes the design of chokes.

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