Biggest single investment of the transformer company

Tauscher invests over one million in modern potting robot. Module transformers for medicine and avionics are produced.
For more than one million DM Tauscher installed a potting robot, so far the biggest single investment in the company history. To be able to transport the enormous device the building even needed a new entrance. Components are potted on the assembly line now, without human interference. “The transformers are produced in CZ and then potted in Germany.” The robot guarantees cheap but high quality potting of transformers thanks to two ovens and a computer control. The delivery included a dose mixer for two different cast resins, a vacuum potting chamber, a pre heater and a hardening heater, the assembly line and the computer software for potting and positioning and to control the process. “A preheater dries the components. Afterwards the transformers are driven into the vacuum chamber for the potting with dual- component resin.” Especially customers that work in sensitive areas want those vacuum potted module transformers. They are able to resist against shocks, humidity or mechanic tension and they have a high insulation. The production and safety of Tauscher components is controlled by VDE in Offenbach conform to ISO 9001 and DIN 61558.

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