With special products against international comeptition

Tauscher transformer factory in Freyung competes with special products on the international market.

There are a lot of transformer winders all over the world. Tauscher in Freyung is one of them and with a lot of innovation the small company stands against the big competition.
Heinz-Herbert Berger, who leads the company that was founded by Leo Tauscher in 1976, knows exactly that he won’t stand a chance with mass consumption goods. Transformers for computers or televisions are produced so cheap in Taiwan that he wouldn’t be able to compete with 100 employees. Not even the fact that “only” 40 people work in Freyung and 60 in Czech Republic helps here. Due to the fact that Tauscher focuses on customer wishes the company is able to produce for customers all over the world. “Only with special products and new developments Tauscher is able to stand against the international competition.” Tauscher delivers special transformers for voltage transducers in traffic lights (Bosch), for enormous microscopes (Zeiss-Jena) or photovoltaic systems. The medicine technology is very important: Coils for pacemakers, power supplies for heart-lung machines or surgery lights, kidney machines or endoscopes are on the product list. It won’t be a problem, if the transformers don’t fit into standard DIN housings. Tauscher then designs a fitting housing and works, if necessary, on a vacuum potting. New and promising special products are linear propulsions for vehicles on roller coasters. This propulsion works like on a maglev train. It’s nothing completely new but it is a revolution for the propulsion in amusement parks. Tauscher managed to get 170 horsepower into a tiny area. The high energy demands a compact construction and perfect insulation, the box has to withstand peaks of 1000 A per second. The result: The fastest roller coaster of the world, the “Free Fall Coaster” of Warner Bros. California, shoots passengers 41 floors high into zero gravity. 320 linear stators, produced by Tauscher, are rowed up on the rails and accelerate the vehicle within 7 seconds from 0 to 160 km/h. The propulsion power is 3800 PS. Also the “Kings Dominion” in Australia is equipped with this technology. Now Disney wants linear motors from Tauscher: At the end of this week 111 propulsion modules for a pilot project in the Netherlands are going to be delivered.

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