Tauscher gains more than 10 million DM volume

Freyung - company on successful course
New: Waterproof linear stators for Disneyland - extension of Aigenstadl or new building CZ. Norbert Peter, Freyung.
With a volume of over 10 million DM, Tauscher gained the highest company result so far. Even though the prices on the market are falling, the strategy of Heinz Berger and Antonie Tauscher-Berger succeeded. The balance: 6% rise of DM-volume, 20% rise of the tonnage and 20% more orders than 1997. At the moment the order balance is at 2,24 million DM and 98 633 pieces of transformers. Here a price fall due to international competition like China has to be coped with. There a monthly salary of 40 US-Dollars is paid. Tauscher delivers transformers for traffic lights, medicine applications, photovoltaic systems, welding machines, linear stators for magnetic railway and - the newest - waterproof linear stators especially for Disney. Next to default transformers for electronics Tauscher manufactures high voltage transformers up to 15 kV, toroidal transformers up to 10 kVA power, SMD transformers, HF-transducers up to 1 MHz, three-phase transformers for welding machines and stators for linear propulsion. 36 employees work in Germany, further 50 in CZ. “We will keep the work places in Germany by using this hybrid calculation. An office without production is not planned.” The well going order situation demands on expansion of the factory area. Now Tauscher has to choose: Either a new building in Aigenstadl or a new production in CZ. The second has some advantages: The parcel of land in CZ is almost for free and the approval wouldn’t be any problem at all. Further investments for 1999: a fully automatic potting machine with prewarming and assembly heater, potting with a robot arm and saving of all types on the computer. Costs: 450 000 DM. For advertisements Tauscher uses a CD with over 100 pages catalogue and everything is found online as well - in German and in English. All transformers are shown there with 3D drawings. Exhibitions in Prague, Basel and Stuttgart are planned.

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Freyung. Tauscher raised the volume for 6% over 10 million DM in 1998. And also for 1999 Tauscher states an order value of 2,24 million DM.

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